You, you’ve got eyes that feel similar to the ocean floating in my dreams. I float, my body caged in an old wooden boat looking for any reason to let some of your water in. Like knowing you is a gift and i don’t worry of any dark that might rise from within. Rise from […]

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My love..

You are the moon. Hanging and glowing and floating over time. You’ve gone too soon. Remember laughing and singing and feeling like our time has come? I’ve been living in gloom. Splashing around in doom, someone else’s dusty room. I can’t remember how or why i’ve ended up in here, flooded to tears. I often […]

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Vanilla bean

Found you sitting in my kitchen, like that vanilla bean. I snapped it in half like you and me, oh how sweet it seemed, that dream of you and me. I snapped the dream in half and dropped it in my coffee cup; half full, half sad. The vanilla bean was sweet and sang of […]

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An apple a day said eve…

I’m quitting a 10 year addiction and you’re all welcome to join me on this emotional rollercoaster. I will be updating this every 30 minutes until it’s over. I say an apple a day because they say that keeps the doctor away. I say eve because she’s boring and I much rather do things my […]

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What will your friends think of you when nothing but your truth has finally washed up onto the shore?

Does that make you uncomfortable? Figure it out for yourself like you know you can. This picture probably made someone uncomfortable for some unspeakable reason, Do i care? No … i worry about myself! Oh, but i don’t worry anymore, So i began to better myself. If you dig up enough shit that is rotting […]

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