There’s a storm Brewing

When you can’t see the fire works but you can feel them exploding in your chest. And have you ever sat in a hot bath while you let cold water fall out of the faucet? The best. Life, death, life. Death comes in many flavors, shapes, size. It’s startling how sometimes you won’t know that […]

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Today, sadness left my body in the form of steam. Please, stay before I push you away. You’re the ice. I’m the cream. This is how it goes, this is how its gone. Far too fast, back to where we belong. My skin feels fresh, electric, and smooth at best. I keep feeling waves in […]

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You my friend, have given me everything that makes me who i am today. You set my path on the road less travelled without me knowing it. There was so much comfort that exuded off of you, how could i not trust you? One simple question, one answer, and my entire life would be reformed […]

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I do not need.

Hello, you. I do not need you; I love the idea of you. I remember nights where I screamed for you, the idea spoke so true. The essence of you still drives electric waves through my veins and paints my heart with ocean stains. Release me from your grip, I will not serve a useless […]

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I feel like my entire life is made up of deciphering other peoples emotions in order to not have mine fucked with. I’m like an open book .. my emotions are the only thing that steers this ship.. i wouldn’t have it any other way. Or would i ?   I really don’t know this […]

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Black Ice.

You slip and you slide, you really can’t go out with out a fight, But thats you’re right .. you’re the only one that can take the time. You’re the only one that can climb the climb, no one else can see the vision that you project from the inside. It’s dark and its cold. […]

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